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Rebirth: WATER - Festival

28 apr - 01 mai 2011

Next stage of Rebirth is incorporating the cleansing element of our world the fluid essence of our life odorless cure and divine nature Water takes form in three states of physical existence being the most magical element of our universe flowing to heal and share solid to ground and synthesize gas to transcend and evolve in waves of spring and spirals of joy taking musical vibrations to parallel dimensions exploring the layers of our existence showing gates to stream in and fly out like bubbles searching the same disappearing in the whole walking oceans on the winds of love with the speed of nothing in the space of Many taking form of All in the name of One.

This festival is created for an intense experience of true psychedelic sounds and pure nature in dance and laughter friendship and harmony uniting the Tribe in the sea of Truth spinning the Now in the bless of Eternity.

ZIK [EchoVortex | Greece]

ATRIOHM [Parvati | Macedonia]

ENCEPHALOPATICYS [Parvati | Macedonia]

BLISARGON DEMOGORGON [Bhooteshwara | Macedonia]

ARJUNA [Parvati | Italy]

INSECTOR [Kamino / Biomechanikal / Noisepoison | Hungary]

ALREADY MAGED [Sonik Chakras | Ukraine]

AODIOIBOA [littleBIGsensations | Germany]

WHRIKK [Sanaton / Moon Koradji / Real Vision | Holland]

FRAGLETROLLET [Yggdrasil | Norway]

DARK WHISPER [Alice-D Prod | Germany]

SAIKOZAURUS [Zaikadelic/Skygravity/MightyQuinn/Treetrolla/Sonic Chakras | Ukraine]

CTCDROPE [Temple Twisters / Kamino / Biomechanikal | Spain]

KYA [Germany]

PAGAT [Zero Gravity / Noize Conspiracy | Austria]

ZUVUYA [Team Infinity / Alcyone Database | USA]

-Z- (Alpha & Antagon) [Interzone.pa / Shivlink | Germany]

Alpha [Interzone.pa | Germany]

Dina&Shev [Macedonia]

Zaratanders [Good VibrationsBulldoglosjen Norway]

Alautun [ScaredEvil | Austria]

Philoso [Spontaneous Aerobics / Manipura Anahata proj. | Austria]

LGI [Trikoze | Bulgaria]

Phil & Rami [Real Vision Music | Germany]

Dark El Kante [6-Dimension Sound / Adama Rec | UK / Spain]

Latam [Thrancians | Romania]

Cooper [Cosmic Plasma | Romania]

Mano [Samsara Crew | Romania]

DiMiTrip [Romania]

Barbalecu [Antiscarp | Romania]

Nairam Naoi [Romania]

Ratatosk [Bulldoglosjen | Norway]
Ancient Core + Alpha (bass/keyb) + Ati de Chile (percussion) [Cosmic Plasma / Interzone pa | Romania / Germany / Chile]
Aodioiboa [Clocktail / Night Oracle Rec | Germany]
Logical Elements [Romania]
Ziazin [Romania]

Caban [ LebeLiebeLache | Austria ]
Djane Nicoletta [ Cosmicleaf/Altar Rec | Austria ]
Kundalini [ IntelligentMonkey | Bulgaria ]
Tripitale [ IntelligentMonkey | Bulgaria ]
Ghiauru [ Romania ]
Unit [ Romania ]
eleMental Sounds [ Romania ]
Cooper [ CosmicPlasma | Romania ]
Dr.Gonzo [ Romania ]
Planul [ Romania ]
NudeDude [ Romania ]
Simon Frison [ Romania ]

Naturalgoritm [ Romania ]
>luvluv< [ Romania ]
Samsara Crew [Romania]

SoundSystem Funktion One BG

25eur till 20 feb
30eur till 31march
40eur at gate

For presale please use the following:

Paypal :
dumloveskate @ yahoo . com

Bank :
Tudor Chiliman
ING BANK NV Amsterdam - Sucursala Bucuresti

IBAN: RO13BUCU1341210459067RON
Nr. cont: 31713421045906716
Alpha Bank Bucuresti

If there's more tickets bought with one transfer, please attach the names of the others or send them on the mail, the access bein made with ID or passport.

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