miercuri, 24 august 2011

Zen Gardens

Hello :)

Back at Transylvania Calling i did some nature deco installations out of material found on site in the beautiful forests of the mountains. Here are some pictures of the 2 artworks i did. The pictures i have are made by other people, so if by any chance you've been there and have some pictures to share, please contact me: theseventonguesofgod@yahoo.com

My Playground

Ent's Garden

If you like what you see and would like to have nature deco installations like this at your party/festival/cultural event please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to ...

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marți, 2 august 2011

eleMental @ Transylvania Calling 2011

˙·٠• Moving beyond the spirals of time We return to the source of love divine As we dance as one with the forces of creation The sleeping serpents will be awakened With these snakes of creation our souls will entwine To dance this ritual buried deep Within our collective mind Opening our hearts we surrender to the dance One tribe united We journey into trance In this temple of love we will dance as one One body One mind One heart Let the journey start ♥


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