sâmbătă, 25 decembrie 2010

Kokopelli's Winter Dance

EleMental Sounds - Kokopelli's Winter Dance by elemental

Psychedelic downbeats, atmospheres and twists. Enjoy! :)
Recorded live from lossless - converted to 320kbps mp3. Download on soundcloud!

01. The Peaking Goddess Collective - Jezebel (Intro)
02. I Awake - Reclaim
03. Aes Dana - Bam
04. Aes Dana - Bam (Album Edit)
05. Asura - Atlantis Child
06. The Peaking Goddess Collective - Maelstrom
07. Atriohm - Tengri
08. White Star - Purple Lights
09. Cell - Calling
10. Cell - Vapor
11. Asura - Marianna Falls
12. Solar Fields - Air Song
13. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Right Where It Ends
14. Ishq - Sama


marți, 14 decembrie 2010

eleMental @ Back On Track

Sat, 18 Dec 10, 22:00h - Sun, 19 Dec 10, 22:00h

Styx (Dreamtime/Sb)
Oracol (B)
SusanoWoo (B)
Soulstice (Bv)
Dr. Gonzo (B)
DarkBro (Bv)
Bocdanel (Bv)
Nairam Naoi (Bv)

eleMental Sounds (Samsara Crew/Cj)

RubberDub2 (bv)
eleMental (Samsara Crew/Cj)

>luvluv< (B)
Psychedelic Toys (Bv)

LAST MINUTE CHANGE: the party will be hosted @ Rasnov (location "The Reunion" party).

The location will be in Rasnov,at 27 km from the center of Brasov.

Directions by car:
If you come from Brasov, you take the road to Pitesti-Bran,after you came out of Rasnov, there is a roundabout and you will turn left, the road to Bucharest-Predeal; after you've turned left, at 200 metres, there will be another entrance in Rasnov and at that point, on the right there is a country road. Watch for the flourescent sign! You have to go like 4km on the country road and there will be another sign in front of a big property on the left, which is across the road (vis-a-vis) to "Hanul Lupilor". You're there!

Directions by bus:
Take the bus to BRAN from bus station 2 in Brasov (st. Avram Iancu). At the exit out of Rasnov tell the busdriver to drop you off (say pretty please) at the roundabout that takes the left turn to Bucharest-Predeal. When you get there, if you want to can walk 7 km to the location, hitchhike (very slim chances) or call the number [we will provide it shortly] to pick you up from there (please try to form groups, individual pick-ups are costly).

Directions by train:
Take the train to Zarnesti (from Brasov) and get off at the Rasnov station. Call the number [we will provide it shortly] to pick you up from there. Please try to form groups, same story here.

Google Map:
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See you there! Boooom!

sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010

eleMental Sounds @ Something Special

Djane Roua (Spacesheep) (B)

Djane Catrina (Samsara Crew) (Cj)

Barbalecu (Antiscarp Rec) (B)

Mano (Samsara Crew) (Cj)

Option Zero (Electronic Hunt) (B)

Nude Dude (Sb)

Darkbro (Antigen Dj's) (Bv)

Infinity (Dreamtime Rec) (Med)

Soulstice (Bv)

SusanoWoo (Icu Tribe) (B)

Bocdanel (Bv)

Elemental Sounds (Samsara Crew) (Cj)

DarkElfTrip (Icu Tribe) (B)

Dr. Gonzo (B)

Nairam Naoi (Bv)

Last Dj to come

Styx (Dmt Dreamtime) (Sb)

eleMental Sounds (cj)


Psychedelic Toys
Fire Intro to Full Moon by Juggler ( http://www.juggler.ro )

Special Gathering of all the tribe people to let go of so much that we have been holding on to. We want to thank mother Gaia for being so good to us, guiding us troughout our daily lives.

We ask all of the Psychedelic Travelers to bring all the dancing energy that they can cary.
The weather has blessed us enough, that we will be able to celebrate one last indoor-outdoor party on the upcoming fullmoon, before the coming of the new year.
We will provide a Tipie to chill out in, bring your sleeping bags or tents; there will be no kitchen, so feel free to bring food from home.

For food and accomadations, We will provide a Tipie to chill out in, bring your sleeping bags or tents
while there will be no kitchen, so feel free to bring food from home..

The party will be hosted at a Cabana, the main floor will have pumping music throughout the night, till midday. We will progress to chill out to relax, at dawn we return to full power.

At the cabana , there are approximately 15 to 20 spaces to sleep, bear in mind that this is going to be old school-ish party.
Its only a extra 20 lei, for the a pat over the ticket.price.
We will do everything possible to try to accomodate the Psychedelic Travelers without the Tents.
Also there will be transportation available, a taxi will be able to take you from the Gara entrala din brasov , to the party . The second option is taking bus 8, from the gara din bv to the mcdonalds in Astra.
The cost of the ride from the Gara is : 7 lei per person
The cost of the ride form the Mcdonalds parking : 5 lei

Here is the phone number of the driver which can come and pick you up. . Tel : 0732-526-998
We advice that there is a group of 5 people, to share the costs.

requirements :

Good Vibes & Dancing till your feet bleed ...

Entry fee is 30 lei - 2 days. Location will be anounced shortly before.