duminică, 18 aprilie 2010


In our Journey on the path of Evolution we have a third step to make, another test to overcome, another Element to feel and Embrace, the third Ingredient of our world that contains all the three other elements, Fire has the power of Destruction and Creation, a state of transition to essence, a return to the Core letting behind all unnecessary layers, unfolding the Truth germinating Rebirth.
Come join the Ride of Fire that will guide you all through your Infinity, touring thoughts and scapes, dreams and past lives, facing limits to be burned, walls to be melted, rearranging particles to unveal new ways and twisted rabbit-holes, taking various forms on the way to God, signals of smoke from the early tribes to ourselves mark the groove to our Soul, pure Energy running like water storing the Now, uniting the Sames in the heart of One.
Be prepared for a blazing Gathering on the lands of the Dakians, tribes of the continuous Sacred Fire around which all Life is centered, our fire masters and spinners alike will raise the key to the Portal, burning cycles building the Spiral. Ritual comes together with Music into this Trance we Dance, new psychedelic sounds help the Beat take you over yourself, seeds, plants, plains, hills, mountains, seas and oceans, planets and galaxies, beyond infinity inside yourself, in Joy and Love together we vibrate, the Flame the world we kindly offer.

Carpathian Mountains, Romania (near Targu Jiu)

Entry Fee
TICKETS for Rebirth Fire Festival:

write at gaia.children@gmail.com
or phone at: 0040 723 590 860 / 0040 751 580 141 for instructions;

through paypal.com at dumloveskate@yahoo.com

presale untill 23 april: 90 lei (aprox 25 euros)
at the gate: 130 lei (aprox 35 euros)

More Info:
GoaBase Link

See you there :)


joi, 15 aprilie 2010

-Z- (Alpha) Live

-Z- (Alpha) (Shivlink Records) - India/Germany

Alpha (interzone.pa), Hamburg-Germany
Cooper (Cosmic Plasma/PsynergicTribe), Cluj
Mano (Samsara Crew), Cluj

Psynergic Tribe & Samsara Crew

Vineri - 16 aprilie
Soul Club - str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 3
Support: 20 RON - one free masala chai 'till 23:00 pm // psychedelic shop