marți, 14 decembrie 2010

eleMental @ Back On Track

Sat, 18 Dec 10, 22:00h - Sun, 19 Dec 10, 22:00h

Styx (Dreamtime/Sb)
Oracol (B)
SusanoWoo (B)
Soulstice (Bv)
Dr. Gonzo (B)
DarkBro (Bv)
Bocdanel (Bv)
Nairam Naoi (Bv)

eleMental Sounds (Samsara Crew/Cj)

RubberDub2 (bv)
eleMental (Samsara Crew/Cj)

>luvluv< (B)
Psychedelic Toys (Bv)

LAST MINUTE CHANGE: the party will be hosted @ Rasnov (location "The Reunion" party).

The location will be in Rasnov,at 27 km from the center of Brasov.

Directions by car:
If you come from Brasov, you take the road to Pitesti-Bran,after you came out of Rasnov, there is a roundabout and you will turn left, the road to Bucharest-Predeal; after you've turned left, at 200 metres, there will be another entrance in Rasnov and at that point, on the right there is a country road. Watch for the flourescent sign! You have to go like 4km on the country road and there will be another sign in front of a big property on the left, which is across the road (vis-a-vis) to "Hanul Lupilor". You're there!

Directions by bus:
Take the bus to BRAN from bus station 2 in Brasov (st. Avram Iancu). At the exit out of Rasnov tell the busdriver to drop you off (say pretty please) at the roundabout that takes the left turn to Bucharest-Predeal. When you get there, if you want to can walk 7 km to the location, hitchhike (very slim chances) or call the number [we will provide it shortly] to pick you up from there (please try to form groups, individual pick-ups are costly).

Directions by train:
Take the train to Zarnesti (from Brasov) and get off at the Rasnov station. Call the number [we will provide it shortly] to pick you up from there. Please try to form groups, same story here.

Google Map:
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See you there! Boooom!

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