luni, 16 iulie 2012

Land-Art @ Freqs Of Nature 2012


6 days of gathering material, 8 days of construction - about 5 tons of sand, 3 tons of rock, a lot of moss, pine cones, pine needles, roots and everything imaginable. The 6 circles represent the 6 chakras, the root chakra being the top left one (counting clockwise) ending with the pyramid as the crown chakra. Each one has been decorated by a different person, each and everyone of them contributing to the amazing energy of the place.

Root Chakra - eleMental
Spleen Chakra - Alejandro
Solar Plexus Chakra - Tim
Heart Chakra - PsychoNerd Dax
Throat Chakra - Subliquida
Third Eye Chakra - Macro Zeta
Crown Chakra - :) universal oneness ...

More pictures and the making-of:


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